Pattern testing the Mayberry Dress

I was recently lucky enough to test the new Mayberry dress pattern by Jennifer Lauren Handmade. It was my first ever pattern testing experience and it was so much fun! 

The pattern is a shirt-waist dress with an offset button placket, cup size options, a drawstring at the waist and a range of sleeve options. I chose the short sleeved option. 

I followed the pattern exactly and made a 16C and the only alteration I think I would make in the future is to add half an inch of length at the waist which is a common alteration from me because I’m quite tall. 

I used a lovely lightweight black linen for the bodice and then a longyi that I bought in a market in Nyaung Shwe in Burma for the skirt – it’s a sort of olive-y green with tiny black stripes and little slubs. It also had a lovely stripe around the bottom that I couldn’t incorporate into the skirt because of fabric space, so I cut it off and used it for the drawstring. 

I used some lovely black mother of pearl buttons from my aunt’s mother’s button box, they shine all sorts of colours in the light but are very hard to photograph! 

The bodice fit is really brilliant, there are bust darts and then the waist is shaped by the drawstring. The fit of the shoulders and sleeves is really good too. 

The skirt is a gentle A-line with the waist shaping again coming from the drawstring.

The construction was straightforward and the facings sit really nicely and give a really clean finish. I overlocked the edges of the facings and the hem before turning in. 

I am not normally one to follow sewing instructions unless I come across something I haven’t done before, but it was really refreshing to go over each step in detail and take things slowly and carefully. Jennifer’s instructions are excellent, very clear text and illustrations, and I am thrilled with the dress. Also, pockets! 

As you can see, this dress got a lot of wear on holiday! 

Thanks to Jennifer for the opportunity to test this lovely pattern! 

2 thoughts on “Pattern testing the Mayberry Dress

  1. I don’t have an email address for you so I thought this might the easiest way to say thanks for the fents as I believe they are called. I understand from my etiquette books that it is never too late to say thanks but that I should add an item of news when I write. I am not sure that I have anything at all interesting to tell except I saw your dad – obviously – and he looked much better, I thought. Please keep an eye on my instagram posts and see if there is something that you would like on it. I should be putting stuff up regularly as I am now back from Nottingham and my mother’s (replacement) knee. Hope you have a great week and thanks again. Axxxx

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    1. Sorry I missed this before, Ann! Thank you, I’m so pleased they have gone to a new home! Yes, isn’t he looking brilliant? I feel very proud. Excited to see more of your Humanist Celebrant things up there too, sounds very exciting! I shall ask Dad for your email and send you the picture of that baby dress. I’m trying to think of some news from us, the only thing that springs to mind is that we have proper snow here and it’s very exciting! Have a super rest-of-week and weekend! Lots of love xxxx


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